I started with animating when I was working at Nesq. It began with some animated social media posts but soon I found my way into animating logos and creating bumpers.

Motion graphics, animation, bumpers, logo animation, social media animation


Before starting with an animation it’s important to discuss what the goals are, I need to have a clear view how the animation is gonna be used.


Idea, concept, sketch, animation, final result.



It occurs that clients have some feedback after the presentation. We both want to be happy about the final result so feedback is a crucial element in the design process.

Leader Animation

A leader is a short introduction movie before a program starts, it’s usually not for a company but rather a television show. 

Logo Animation

 Logo animations can be used for video content. It is a nice visual introduction of your company and it looks professional.

Drone Footage

Although I’m new with this I do this together with a really good friend of mine. He’s getting better each day in flying the drone. I’m the one that can edit movies and instruct which shots to take.

Product Presentations

Presenting your product with video is upcoming, on social media we see more and more moving images. By advertising with video you can tell more about the product.

Get professional

Having a logo and nice visuals isn’t everything. Get your logo animated for video content, tell your story on a website or start a campaign to reach new people!