With branding you get a well crafted visual story that reflects your company. The goal is to create a proud company with design.

Logo design, business cards, correspondence, packaging, billboards & banners, vehicle branding, clothing, signage, etc.


Before starting of a project it’s important to get to know eachother, and more importantly; the company. What are the goals and what is your company about.


I present one logo, I don’t show other options. I kill my darlings before starting the presentation. Multiple logo’s can cause confusion is my experience.


It occurs that clients have some feedback after the presentation. We both want to be happy about the final result so feedback is a crucial element in the design process.

Branding process

Logo Design

You get a well crafted unique logo design. I can create in multiple styles but whenever I have the chance I’ll try to create a signature in my designs. If you already have some ideas of your logo let me know by showing some inspiration. 

My signature: Simplistic, minimalistic, playful, recognizable, scalable and with a story to tell.

Design elements

In order to build a style around the logo illustrations, photography or icons are added. In this way you get a good look & feel of your brand

Branding process
Branding process


Your brand comes to life with stationary. This stationary includes bussines cards, letterhead, signing and an extra design depending on what kind of company it’s for. 

Get professional

Having a logo and nice visuals isn’t everything. Get your logo animated for video content, tell your story on a website or start a campaign to reach new people!