An online presence  with a website is a great way of bringing your story.  A great design will make you want to be found even more!

Requirement defining, cardstacking, wireframing, prototyping, responsive, hosting services, SEO, SSL. WordPress / Wix / Webflow / Squarespace 

Requirement defining

What is the purpose of the website and what functionalities should it have? But also what content are you giving me to work with? Do we need textwriters and photographers?


With more complex website I’ll first make wireframes, this is a simple way of placing the websites content. After the wireframe we’ll head over to designing and developing.

Designing & Developing

When the requirements are defined we can go and make the website. Depending on requirements this can be made in WordPress, Squarespace or Webflow.


We want everything to work properly so we’ll test all the functionalities like forms, buttons, responsiveness, you name it… After this you got a smooth running website!
Wix Website

This is a website I made in Wix for Columbus media.

WordPress websites

Most sites I’ve build in wordpress. The platform is still one of the biggest out there and a lot of people know how to use it.

Custom websites

When you want to have an absolutely unique website we can go custom, in this case I’ll only do the design and I work with a professional developer. 

Webdeveloping is a specialism and it requires a designer and a developer in order to get to an aesthetic, good functioning and fast working website.

Get professional

Having a logo and nice visuals isn’t everything. Get your logo animated for video content, tell your story on a website or start a campaign to reach new people!