It’s time to show that you’re proud of your company

Because it’s not specifically a product that sells, it’s passion that sells. My task is to find that passion and translate it into a visual story in order to show it to the world. The result will be proud employers, happy customers and more importantly a proud owner.

Story based design 

An image tells more than a 1000 words as the saying goes, in other words images can tell a story and we all got a story to tell. The way we tell a story is really important for how it is received. With story based design I bring your story to life.

Branding & Re-branding

With branding you get a well crafted visual story that reflects your company. The goal is to create a proud company with design.

Logo design, business cards, correspondence, packaging, billboards & banners, vehicle branding, clothing, signage, etc.


An online presence  with a website is a great way of bringing your story.  A great design will make you want to be found even more!

Requirement defining, cardstacking, wireframing, prototyping, responsive, hosting services, SEO, SSL. WordPress / Wix / Webflow / Squarespace 

Creative concepts

When you’re proud of your company you probably want to scream it from the rooftops. Happilly there are better methods to reach your target audience…

Social media campaigns, Adwords, emailmarketing, guerilla marketing 

About SYD 

This is the company of Sydney Groot. I’m a multidisciplinary designer from a small place called Hoorn, based in The Netherlands. I get excited when I find a creative solution in design.

The reason why I chose the term “story based design” is because I love to know why people do what they’re doing. Sometimes we don’t really know the exact reasons but there is always a spark that can be translated into a story.

I’m that kind of guy that can see an utopian world in front of him and wants to realize that, starting with helping companies and individuals.